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Address: Floor 3, Building 81#, Eastern Urban Garden, 1881# Dongfang Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-755-25707606
Mobile: +86-15820465028
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地址: 东方路1881弄1~91号 
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About Us

Shanghai Rule Security Co., Limited. develops and markets CCTV products and an award winning line of video transceivers and hub systems for the transport of quality full-motion, color video and audio over ordinary, unshielded telephone wire or twisted pair cable. Founded in 2000, RULE is incorporated in the city of Shanghai. All RULE products are FCC listed and CE compliant.

As a security industry leader in CCTV camera products, RULE continues to innovate and produce leading edge camera and video transmission equipments featuring unsurpassed performance backed up by excellent customer support. Contact RULE for more information and join the CCTV Revolution.


RULE's primary market is the CCTV Transmission products, Network Camera and related products of the Security industry.


RULE products are distributed and sold through major distributors and dealers
with the aid of RULE's representatives.

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